Monday, December 19, 2016

Finding Joy Despite Struggle

One of the lessons that I have had to learn this semester is gratitude.  Being grateful for who I am with what I have in this moment.  God has been slowly working on my heart during our early morning prayer sessions.  I come to Him sleepy eyed, coffee in hand, and open the Word and give my day to him.

Then, as my day progresses, I seem to put Him second.  I know that I shouldn't but it happens more often than now. His teaching and lessons are pushed aside for the world.  I get sucked into the comparison game and then I feel like I am not good enough.  I forget about letting God and try to solve all these problems by myself.

This semester I moved out completely on my own.  I had been on my own - back to my parents- on my own - grad school - but I always had a cushion somehow.  Now it's real. Financially I have had a rough few months.  I am thriving within my budget but sometimes that word [budget] is so so hard to live with.  I see my friends going out and doing such fun [but very expensive] things and then I get upset.  I forget about the slow teachings early in the morning with Jesus and coffee about how He has always provided.  This semester is more about me figuring out who I am, what my passions are, and surrendering it all to His will.

Slowly, I am learning that it's okay that my apartment isn't pinterest worthy at this moment.  I am learning how to search for deals.  I am learning to make friend fun nights by going to free workout classes or cooking dinner together.  I am learning to explore my city by just walking around with the dog.  I am learning that I can be happy despite what I might be struggling with at the moment.  God is always there. Always teaching. Always providing.  He is way more than enough.

What are you learning in the tough seasons?

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