Monday, December 5, 2016

Our Christmas Tree Finding Adventure

You know that phrase, if you want to make God laugh make plans? Yeah I am slowly learning that about my life. You see, I had all this magical plans for chopping down my first real live Christmas tree in my big girl apartment. I planned the perfect outfit to have a little photo shoot on the tree farm.  We were going to wander through the trees, embrace the memories of the mountains where we met, and pick out the perfect tree for our first Christmas together.  It was going to be seasonal, romantic, and just the kick off to the holiday season I was craving.

Well, God laughed. Hard.

It was pouring down rain and hovering just over freezing in Boone when we got up the mountain.  We drove up to the farm basically had the guy cut down the first tree we saw.  It was so cold and so wet. I hopped right back in the car and blasted the heat.  It was magical alright, haha.

The day ended up being just what our souls needed, though.  We headed to town to Appalachian Mountain Brewery, one of our favorite spots when we lived in the mountains, and asked a few friends who still live in Boone to join us.

Our plans may have changed from Christmas tree farm to an afternoon full of community, laughter, and catching up with old friends.  God seemed to have known that I needed my people more than I needed a few good pictures and a frolic in the field.  It was just one of those days that soothed my soul. I am so thankful for road trips that end up with good people and catching up with my community, no matter where they may live.

Now we will have a story about our first tree for years to come.

What is your favorite Christmas Tree hunting memory?

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