Monday, March 27, 2017


We make choices every single day that can completely change the trajectory of how our day will go. Choices that not only will affect that moment we are in where the decision is made but every possible choice afterward. The choices that we make can have positive or negative effects on ourselves and the people that we encounter.

Now, we all can pinpoint the days and the times that we had to make big choices.  Those are thoughtful and calculated.  Typically choices that could affect things like where we live, our career changes,  or to be in a relationship with a person or not are those that we think about for days before finally coming to the moment where we make that big choice.

But what about the little choices? How much thought to we put into choices that we make throughout going about our daily routine.  Things like, how did you choose what to eat for lunch or dinner today? Did you really really think about your whole entire budget and financial life plan before making your mid morning latte run or throwing those few extra things in your cart at target?

The little choices in our life are typically made by our feelings or even our routine is so mundane that those choices aren't even considered a choice -it just happened.  But what if it didn't just happen?  I have been reflecting on how the little choices that we make can have the biggest impact on our lives.  Maybe not right away but eventually.

For example, if you are trying to make healthier lifestyle changes but you decide to veer off your meal / workout plan based on your feelings or cravings - what does that choice say?  Does that choice stay one choice or does it continue to be a choice that can sabotage your health?

We typically know the right choices to make for ourselves but dismiss them because of their seeming small insignificance on the big life picture.  What if you paused?  What if you made that choice for yourself after some thought that thinks about not only this moment but future moments too?  I am not saying over analyze every single moment and throw yourself into a fit of indecisiveness because now everything is such a big deal but just pause maybe a second longer. What choice would you make if you took impulsivity out of the equation?

My goal is to make positive choices every day toward my wellness.  No matter how little the choice at the time might be - it can change everything!

What are you going to do with the choices you have to make? 

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