Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lenten Reflections | Week 4

It's week four of lent and there is one more week of lent before holy week after this. It feels like Jesus knows that too with the readings of this past week.  He is getting more bold in his miracles.  He is breaking more rules, and heaven forbid, healing people on the Sabbath day which is like a huge no, no.

In case you are curious what I am talking about when I say readings: I follow the Catholic church calendar of the liturgical readings.  There is an old testament passage, a psalm, and a gospel [Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John] passage every single day - then on Sundays there is another reading added in to that mix, which is typically a new testament letter - just depends.  As Catholics there is a calendar put out by the church that says which readings will be used for every single day.  We read through the whole bible in a 3 year cycle.  You can check out and follow along with the readings from the Word and the devotional I follow here.

Anyway, back to Jesus healing people but causing major issues with the temple.  You would think people would be like wow this guy is so great.  That blind man can see, that crippled guy is no longer ill, that woman's sins have been forgiven and she feels loved. But No.  Their lenses are so foggy and focused on the fact that he did some stuff on Sabbath or some other things he just plain did but wasn''t supposed to do at all [like talk to a woman].

In grad school, my professors would preach self care to us, often.  One metaphor they used to describe why it was necessary was cleaning the lenses of our glasses.  If you are going about your life so focused on your own crap that is blocking your vision, then how will you be able to sit fully present with someone who has something go on? You simply can't.  You will judge them based on your own bias.  You will say something harsh because you are triggered.  You won't be able to really see the situation for what it is.  You won't be the kind of person who has unconditional positive regard for others.  If you don't take care of yourself you are walking around the world with dirty glasses because self care is how we clear all that gunk away.

The pharisees didn't take time to clear their lenses. They were so focused on the fact that Jesus broke a few rules to clearly see that he was healing people and performing miracles.  They were so down in their crap that they judged harshly.  They said some nasty stuff.  They wanted him killed.  Killed for being the kindest most loving person ever.  Ugh.

This week.  Let's focus on taking care of ourselves and being kind to ourselves.  Clear the lenses so that we can see the world and all the wonderful things that are happening around us.

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