Monday, June 19, 2017

A Day Full of Birthday Fun

Location: Two Scoops Creamery | Central Ave 

Details: Romper Hat | Necklace

Mike's birthday was this past week and since boys are incredibly hard to shop for I wanted to make the day really special. We spent the whole day together adventuring around Charlotte and it was perfect.

Our first stop; ice cream.  Because what is a birthday without a sweet treat.  It was the perfect day to go because Charlotte Five was having their voting for the best flavors at Two Scoops Creamery. It was so delicious but you definitely don't have to get two scoops even if it's the shops namesake. So much ice cream. Mike ended up eating almost all of mine because I just couldn't do it.

Next up: city views.  Mike has only been living here for a short time and I have just moved back to an ever evolving city so I am constantly on the lookout for ways to enjoy this place and explore.  Sometimes it's fun to just go to the top of a parking deck and take in the views.

Our final destination for the night: The Fillmore.  This was actually the first time I have been here. I got Miike Snow tickets for Mike's birthday. Mike loves music and has been to so many shows but that never really was my scene.  I couldn't help but think of LC in the Hills telling Audrina; "I would bob my head awkwardly for you"  Anyone else get that reference and obsessed with Lauren Conrad like I am?! Haha.  The show ended up being a blast, great music, fun atmosphere, and an overall great birthday date night!

How do you like to celebrate your partners birthday [especially when they are difficult to shop for]? 

P.S. If you like my romper or my off the shoulder black top I am wearing for the show; you can use the code AMANDA10 for 10% off any Ivy & Leo items online!

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