Wednesday, July 5, 2017

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Location: Avon, North Carolina [Outer Banks] 

Outfit Details: 3/4 sleeve top [Ivy & Leo; use the code AMANDA10 for 10% off your online purchases] | Jean Shorts [Target: old] 

It's July! Can you believe it? Halfway through 2017 already.  How is your year going? Your summer so far? This summer has been wonderful as well as really busy.  We are moving this upcoming weekend, it's definitely wedding season /year for my friends, I am teaching practically my parents whole neighborhood how to swim, and trying to have some me time too.

I am linking up with Anne and Stephanie to share more of what I am currently up to. 

documenting: Life through my camera lens. I love having a creative outlet and find that once I have one idea so many more come.  I am saving up for a DSLR so my passion can really take off. 

accomplishing: Lots and lots of packings and organizing happening here.  Since I was on vacation I really only have about a week to pack up the whole apartment! Talk about a time crunch.  

enjoying: The long summer days full of sunlight.  I feel like I have so much time to do all the things I want to.  My days are spent at the pool, spending lots of quality time with my pup, and finding new adventures around Charlotte.  

reading: Real talk.  I love to read. I also have to force myself not to read so that I don't become so engrossed in the book world that I don't live in my own.  So sadly because of packing all the time I haven't had a chance to get to the library. Once I settle I am going to get some fun books to read by the pool, any recommendations? 

spending: My time packing and dreaming of decorating the new place.  I have so many fun ideas.  I have been itching to get out of the place that I am in for a while now and it seems so surreal that it's finally here!

What are you currently up to? 

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