Thursday, May 10, 2018

Family Fun Filled Weekends

Great weekends are my thing.  I love being productive and prepped for the week but I also love some really good fun time.  Mike was joking with me the other day that I have every weekend planned out and if he wants to come up with something he needs to book it for August.  Not exactly true, but I do love having something to look forward to so that I can be motivated and excited through the week.

This past weekend we had some good family time.  One of my sisters came into town so we celebrated Mothers Day early with a delicious brunch.  We also went to the annual crawfish boil that family friends of ours host.

It was a fun easy weekend.  The weather was gorgeous out which always puts me in a good mood.  Weekends with family time and fun activities sure do make my weeks better.  I love that I had time to relax and catch up with my family. 

What is something that you love to do which gets you through the week?

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sweet School Moments

I am a school counselor.

I feel like this is the place I am supposed to be at right now in my life.  I truly love my job.  I love the service that I get to do for kids each and every day.


It's tough.

I can't lie and say that I don't have my moments.  Nothing gets me more fired up than the injustices in my students lives and our schools.  Some days I have a session with a student or parent that leaves me really sad because I have poured my heart and soul into helping but my efforts can only go so far.  That is why I am such an advocate for self care.

Some days at school though there are moments of light. Every year our science lab hatches chicks while the students learn about life cycles.  We only get to have the chicks at the school for a short time.  The moments that I get to pop in and see the kids interacting with the baby chicks are so life giving.  It is always good to be reminded that my students are simply kids, full of wonder and joy with the world around them.  Children are the innocents and they should always be given chances for play and exploration. 

I got to play with the chicks one afternoon outside as well and they are just so adorable.  It truly helped cheer me up for the week to have a fun cuteness break.

What is something that reminds you about the good things in life, whether it be at work or home?

Thursday, May 3, 2018

It's the Bikini Series Time of Year!

Y'all may or may not know my love for Tone It Up.  I love the positivity and encouragement of the trainers.  I love the community they have created.  I love that their health and fitness philosophy aligns with mine.  Living your best life by loving yourself and fueling your body with good for you whole foods. Their energy is contagious and by following their plan I have seriously never felt better in my life. 

Monday the bikini series launches! This is an 8 week challenge to help you eat lean, clean, and green and make healthy decisions for summer and beyond. I am so excited to see all the new recipes they release along with the plan and to try all of the fun new workouts and lifestyle challenges.

The bikini series is coming at the perfect time for me.  I need the energy of trying and accomplishing something new to push me through the end of the school year.  Since writing is something I enjoy I am going to periodically blog about how the bikini series is going to hold myself accountable.

Bikini Series here I come!!

Have you ever tried a fitness plan and loved it? 

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Happiness List

Location: Whitewater Center, Charlotte, NC

As you know, I have recently been trying to find ways to live my life to the fullest and part of that means being a tourist in my own city to explore all that it has to offer.  Recently, I heard a fitness blogger I follow talking about what she does to make her daily life and routines feel like it does while you are on vacation.

When we are on vacation our days move in a relaxed, care-free manner. The choices we make on vacation are all about having fun, trying new things and foods, as well as making decisions that bring us joy. So why can't we live our daily life that way?

In order to live daily life like you are on vacation that means changing our mindset about every day.  Her idea was to create a happiness list of things that make you really happy and try to do a few of those every day so that you bring joy and relaxation into your routines. I thought it was such an incredible idea. 

When we do things that we love we are staying true to our authentic selves.

Sometimes it is hard seeing other people living this seemingly happy life with all of their fancy things and opportunities.  But other peoples lives are not our own.  Instead of striving for happiness in what other people have or do, be your own person.  Make your own happiness list and do something every day to honor your own happiness and live every day like you are on vacation.

Here is my happiness list:

  1. Journaling and reading the bible over a slow cup of coffee
  2. Taking care of my plants [one day I hope this will be full blown gardening] 
  3. Reading a good book
  4. A long walk with the pup or a friend outside
  5. Working out
  6. Cooking a delicious meal 
  7. Candles
  8. DIY spa evenings [nails, face masks, the works] 
  9. Good conversations with people I love 
  10. Finding a really good deal on fashion [although this one will add up if it happens daily so this one has a limit] 
  11. Exploring a fun place and trying something new
  12. Hiking or any adventure outdoors 
What are some things that make you happy?

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Charlotte Checkers in the Playoffs

Location: Bojangles Coliseum, Charlotte, NC

This past weekend was so full of exploring Charlotte and all it has to offer.  Recently, I was talking with a friend about how sometimes we try to keep going on trips to explore various places and never really take the time to do those things in the city we live in.  So I have resolved to explore more and to live more and be a tourist in my city. 

One of those ways was to go to a hockey game! Charlotte has a minor league or whatever it is called in hockey [I'm not great at sports haha] team.  I have always loved going to hockey games, I think they are so fun.  Hockey also happens to be one of Mikes favorite sports so it was the perfect date night. We had never been to a hockey game together.

The Checkers ended up playing a fantastic game.  They are currently in the playoffs, which is so good for them. They won 4- 1 after the opposing team removed their goalie toward the end of the game in an attempt to score.  Games are definitely more exciting when your local team wins and the crowd gets into it!

I have been loving researching more things to do around Charlotte and going out there to live my life and do them.  Hockey was a perfect thing to do on an evening out!

What are some ways that you explore your own city?
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