Friday, February 24, 2017

Brown Paper Packages

Confession.  My dog is a toy destroyer.  I am talking within ten minutes of having a toy my apartment becomes a war zone and the only thing that remains are bits of fuzz.  I obviously love my dog, want him to be entertained, and feel loved by getting toys; but I just couldn't afford buying new toys all the time for them to be chewed up for scraps every day.  Dog toys are expensive and the durable ones are even more so.  Ain't nobody got that kind of money.

Then I found Bark Box.  For 20 dollars a month I get a few toys and bags of treats that Finn loves - the toys last longer than most and then once they are destroyed a new box comes in the mail.   I stopped spending money on toys and treats all together once I subscribed because we just don't need it.  I do buy him nylabones that last months because he is a stress chewer but really 20 dollars a month vs 20 dollars a toy every few days really helped out my wallet.

Finn, loves BarkBox too.  He knows when BarkBox gets delivered every month and will wait by the door for the mail man to drop it off.  I swear he knows it's a package for him when I bring it inside too.  Finn is hilarious, he literally will not do anything else except stare at the box until I let him open it.  He drools too because he knows there has got to be something good in the box.

The toys are always themed each month in such a humorous way.  They are funny, cute, and like I said before durable [which is my number one priority] The treats he gets are full of real, wholesome ingredients.  Finn has some weird allergies so feeding him good food is important to me.  BarkBox makes it easy - when you subscribe you can select if your dog is a heavy chewer [yes!] and has allergies [yes!] so they will customize the box based on your needs.

Finn got BarkBox for a birthday one year and I have loved it so much that I just keep renewing every single year. I love the joy that it brings my dog to receive something for him in the mail.  [Yes, my dog has very human like qualities lol] Plus, it saves me money, and honestly the hassle of going to the pet store all the time to buy more toys just to make sure Finn is entertained and happy.

If you would like to check out BarkBox, which I highly recommend and Finn definitely agrees, you can click here.  When you click this link it will take you to the BarkBox site - and if you sign up using this link you will get a FREE month of Bark Box. Your pup will thank you and give you so many slobbery kisses.

Disclosure: This post was not sponsored by BarkBox in any way.  I have been a paying subscriber for many years and truly love it.  However, if you do click on the link and use my referral code I will get a free box to add on to my paying subscription as well as you getting a free month! Win win :) 

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