Monday, February 27, 2017

Yoga in CLT

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"Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self." - The Bhagavad Gita
I have touched on my love for yoga a few times now.  When I was in grad school one of my professors had just received her yoga teacher certification and taught us about the benefits of using yoga in our daily life as well techniques as with clients.  I have always loved the way I feel after a good yoga class.  Learning more about the theory and research behind it made me love it even more.

When I moved to Charlotte, again, I wanted to find a yoga studio to join so I could keep up the practice more frequently.  Eventually, a goal of mine, is to get my teacher certification as well so the regular practice would be beneficial.  Then, the reality of my budget hit, and yoga studios are all out of my price range!

A friend invited me to a yoga class at a brewery in Charlotte over the summer and I was hooked.  I was able to get a good yoga class in for little to no cost out of my pocket! There is something about going to a class vs doing a yoga video online that pushes me to have a better practice. Plus being an extrovert I get to be around people instead of just my dog in my bedroom!

Actually in Charlotte, the whole fitness class centered around a brewery thing is blowing up! You could probably find some sort of free or cheap workout class that covers the class and a beer for the price! Work for your Beer has done a fantastic job of rounding up all the classes that you can attend to in Charlotte for the various prices and locations.

My particular favorites are OMB Yoga on Tap on Tuesdays.  5 dollars gets you a yoga class and a pint after the class [the picture above is actually of me there; I'm on the orange mat!] This class gets crazy crowded so you have to get there early to get a good spot.  Thursday's I go to Free Range Brewing for their yoga class.  This class is free. Also crowded but a little bit smaller and not as crazy popular as OMB. Typically I will stay after and support the brewery because it's one of my favorites in Charlotte.

So while my budget doesn't allow me to go to a studio for my yoga fixes, Charlotte breweries have made it possible for me to get a great class in with friends for a fantastic price.

Have you been to any brewery yoga classes? Have a yoga / workout class you think I should check out? Let me know! 

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