Wednesday, April 12, 2017

OMB Yoga On Tap

photo credit: Yoga On Tap

One of my favorite things to do here in Charlotte is attend yoga classes with friends.  Not just any yoga classes, because I am not in a position in my life or my budget to join a studio, free or cheap yoga classes at breweries are my thing.  I talked about the classes I love in this post.

I wanted to delve a little deeper today into OMB's yoga classes.  OMB is a local brewery here in Charlotte that is really paving the way for the local beer movement but more than that they are always looking to give back.  Their yoga classes recently have really brought people in the community together and given me a little more exposure to some non-profits here in Charlotte.

One class I attended all the proceeds went to the local hospital to benefit the heart and vascular unit.  Other classes they do bring local instructors from all over the city to give them exposure.  Then the other week we went to a class benefitting the Metrolina Association for the Blind.

This class was phenomenal in so many ways.  We were completely blindfolded the whole time, which took my yoga practice to a new level.  Suddenly poses that I feel are so typical and easy became a way for me to topple over and lose my balance.  I always feel so strong in my body during yoga but never realized how much I depend on my sight during a full class.

Think about it.  The instructor says something and you might not catch it so you peak over at your neighbor to make sure you are doing the right thing.  You are in a pose and need to make slight adjustments so you glance down at your feet to check the positioning.  When you are in tree pose and the instructor says now close your eyes - forget about it - timber goes the tree.

It took one class of being blindfolded to have me realize how much I take for granted the privilege of sight.  P.S. I wear contacts because my vision is so bad [my glasses don't fully correct my astigmatism] but I have the ability to have my vision corrected so I am privileged. I was uncomfortable with myself, unsure of if I was doing everything correctly, and the blindfold kept falling down my face as an extra nuisance and something to worry about during class.

I am so grateful for OMB Yoga On Tap for bringing these types of classes to the brewery, friends who are willing to take risks by my side, and the chance to truly reflect on how blessed I am.

What have you done lately that reminded you of a simple privilege you have? 

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