Monday, April 3, 2017

10 Happy Things

Happy April, sweet friends.  Reflecting back on March and the month that it has been can be summed up in one word; insane.  The thing about being a school counselor is that most everything that I deal with is confidential.  Which is great until some pretty intense stuff happens that I just can't share.  To be honest, if I did tell, the average lay person would probably not believe that those are the things I encounter on a daily basis.  Each day, I never know what I am going to get, then when you add up every single day together it's kind of mind blowing.

I know that's super vague but I will say that after this month I am trying to find more ways to separate my work life from everything else.  My days are consumed with being "on it" and if I come home and still worry about everything from my day my whole life becomes affected.

One thing that helps is gratitude.  So I decided to make a happy list of all the things I am loving lately.

1. Happy green plants growing by the window in pretty pots.
2. Yoga sessions that get me out of my head and remind me of the strength in my body.
3. Puppy tail wiggles and kisses when I walk through the door.
4. Friend dates with deep conversation and lots of laughter.
5. Sunshine bringing warmth to my skin.
6. Flowy spring dresses and fun sandals to make a cute outfit.
7. Hikes on new trails and witnessing signs of new life in nature.
8. Achieving goals, making plans, and dreaming for the future.
9. Journaling every morning over a fresh cup of coffee to wake up my soul.
10. Spring cleaning and organizing that helps clear out my mind and home of clutter.

What is on your happy list?

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