Friday, January 13, 2017

Peru Trip 2015 | Tacna: Part Two

You can read about the first part of my stay in Tacna here: Tacna: Part One

The next few days we spent in Tacna we were getting acclimated to the city.  We got to really explore on our own time.  One of my favorite things about spending a whole week in this city [and having someone who lived there as our tour guide] was really getting to see local spots.

We got to drive up the mountains to see ancient ruins and go hiking a bit.   Then we headed to the markets for some shopping! Emily took us to her favorite market - where they do all their grocery shopping.  There are certainly touristy shops in the city but this market was a genuine local market. My sister said to hide my camera and I was only allowed to take pictures at booths where she knew the vendors.  I just remember walking through in awe wishing to capture it through my lens but now grateful that I have those memories of that experience.

One of the main attractions in the center of town is the arch.  There is a city huge park - then the arch right in front of the cathedral right in the city.  It was beautiful.  One of the things I appreciated and noticed about the city was everything was decorated for Christmas.  There are nativity scenes everywhere. The nativity scenes in peoples houses were so extravagant as well.  It was so refreshing to be in a place that truly celebrates the reason for the season!

Next up: We head out of Peru to Chile! 

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