Friday, July 7, 2017

Moving Tips and Tricks

Tomorrow is another moving day for me!

Mom and I counted the other day.  I have moved 10 times in the past 9 years of my life.  We counted those 10 as the times I have fully and completely packed up all my things, loaded into a truck or van, and had to unpack in a completely different place.  No wonder my dog started to get super anxious any time I pack for even something as simple as going over to my parents house for the evening. I am really hoping we love this new place and stay put for a little while.  My plan is to stay put until we are ready to buy a house. I also know the saying "the way to make God laugh is to make plans" holds so much truth in my life.

With all of those moves under my belt; I have learned a few things along the way to help make transitions a little easier and run smoothly.

Don't take everything.  I know it sounds crazy but a move is a fresh start. Take some time to really go through your things, organize, and evaluate whether you have used something in a while.  If it doesn't serve a purpose any longer or it has been collecting dust under the bed the whole time you have been in this place - maybe it's time to find a new home.  I always have three piles going during packing; one for goodwill, one for trash, and one that will go with me to my new place.

Trash bags + Clothes = Besties. I learned this trick a while ago and it has saved me so much hassle.  Instead of taking all your clothes off hangers folding them, packing them up, then having to unpack once you get to your new place - cut a hole in the bottom of the trash bag [big black kitchen size with drawstrings] and drape them over the hangers then close the drawstring at the bottom of your clothes.  You can just take the hangers and hang them up in the new closet! Bonus the trash bags will protect your clothes from getting messed up during the move.

Start with things you don't use.  I go around my house and think of it like layers.  I will collect all the decor items or things that don't serve much interaction function first, put them in a central location pack them up.  Then I go to closet spaces.  What season are you moving in?  Summer? Great you don't need your winter stuff.  Pull out everything in storage spaces - organize it - then into boxes it goes! Keep peeling through the layers day by day until you are a few days before your move and you can slim down kitchen items, etc.  Think about it realistically - I mean I love my crockpot as much as anyone but I am not about to slow cook some brisket 2 days before I move - we have been eating whole foods hot bar for a few days instead. So keep one or two plates and utensils out, maybe one pan for cooking, and everything else can get packed up!

Pack an overnight bag or box. This is a life saver!! I used to want to get into a new place unpack everything and have it all decorated perfect the same day.  Then I realized I was projecting my incredible anxiety onto my loved ones who sacrificed their time and energy to help me.  Instead, I am going to pack a weekend bag for myself.  It will include things I use daily like face wash and toothbrush, a few changes of clothes, and of course my beloved coffee pot and coffee because duh.  So now once my furniture is set and the necessities for night one unpacked I will be able to go out and celebrate and treat my friends and family for helping! Plus, now I know it won't all be perfect overnight and I am excited to slowly go through my new place, decorate it, and make it feel truly like home, but that's for me to do.

Have a friend [or your parents] keep your dog day of. Finn hates to be confined. HATES it. As much as I love my pup, he doesn't need to be in the way or locked up while the door needs to stay wide open for moving boxes and furniture. He will spend the day at my parents house relaxing and will come over once we are settled in and he can sniff out the new place in peace. Don't stress your pups out and have them tear up your bathroom floors in the process [true story]

Don't forget to change your address. If you are like me. Amazon is your bestie. You want all your fun packages to get to you when you move. Change your address for the postal service but also all your information. Bank. License. Amazon. BarkBox. etc... You can mail out a cute e-card to friends and family too once you have moved letting them know where you are! Don't want those wedding invitations to get lost either!

Keep healthy snacks accessible.  Moving day is always a huge production.  For some reason I never eat day of. I am always so busy loading boxes and doing heavy lifting, plus everything else has been packed up. It's not healthy.  Moving is hard work for your body and you need fuel.  Keep a bunch of protein bars out on a counter so that anyone can grab them when they feel like they need to re-charge a bit.  Your body and friends will thank you.

What are some moving tips and tricks that have helped you stay sane during moving? 

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