Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Topgolf | Charlotte

Location: Topgolf Charlotte 

Outfit: Tank: Target [Similar] | Jean Shorts: Abercrombie & Fitch | Sneakers: Target 

Details: 5$ lifetime membership [needed for every person], $25 - $45 per hour depending on the time you go, + cost of food and drinks.

Topgolf just opened up in Charlotte at the beginning of June. It has been a huge hit so far.  A friend who lives over by the location said every time she drives by there is a line out the door! For Fathers Day I told my dad I would treat him to a day at Topgolf this summer.  He decided to use his gift on my Mom's birthday this past Sunday, so it was like a double gift from me for both my parents.

We were prepared to wait when we got there so we put our names on the list and wandered around to check out the place.  For those of you not familiar with Topgolf the best way I can describe it is a driving range with the idea of bowling.  Your balls have trackers so you can play various types of games and you get points if you hit your ball in one of the targets by the flags.  For those super serious golfers beware if you are simply playing the "topgolf game" you could have an amazing shot but not get it in the target and not score any points at all!

We decided to get some food and drinks while we were waiting.  There are 3 levels here all with various seating and bar areas you can hang out at.  There are also lots of fun games around like pool and table shuffleboard to play while you wait.

The music was very loud in the whole place.  Be prepared for a "bar scene" vibe as a result.  This is not your quiet, serious, country club driving range at all.  I thought it made it very unique, but even our server wanted to lower the music because she couldn't hear us!

The overall game once we finally got to our corral was so much fun!  You chose your club and then wave it over the board so your ball comes out to the tee.  Then you try to hit the ball to one of the targets! I love going to the driving range; although I have only been a handful of times, this was exiting to actually get points and see where your ball landed right away.  If you make it in the targets your screen shows where the ball landed, the distance you shot it, and gives you points for that.

I had been saving up for this day for a while because as you can see there are a lot of little costs that do add up quick.  Everyone needs the lifetime membership card; this covers your "club" rentals and keeps track of your score.  You can also load money on your membership before you even go which can pay for the corral rentals. If you are going with a group of friends you can split everything evenly on the computer very easily though to keep costs down.  Be prepared to drop quite a bit of money - drink prices were high, the food was delicious but expect about 10 dollars per item.

We all had such a blast.  I ended up beating everyone but my dad in the second game! Maybe I'll start to pick up golf more regularly now. I would go again but I think I might wait until the novelty wears off a little bit and my bank account bounces back.  We had to wait for a long time [2 hours] and spending so much money doesn't exactly pass for living well on a budget in my book.  A bucket of balls at the driving range is a whole lot cheaper and still a ton of fun to do - you can even go out for drinks after to celebrate.  All in all it was a great experience and I am so glad they are here in Charlotte!

Do you have a Topgolf in your area? Or have you been to the one in Charlotte? What do you think?

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