Monday, February 20, 2017

Birthday Celebrations

Saturday was my 27th Birthday!  I wrote a jumbled mess of my thoughts on turning 27 and what that means to me: here. Also, HUGE shout out to Alyssa for the pictures / snapchat screenshots [the reason for the poor quality] in this post since I didn't take any! So rare for me.

Without further ado.  I wanted to celebrate with my favorite things.  People, wine, and cheese.  Did you know that national wine day was also on Saturday?  The national day for everything gods must have known it was my birthday because the day was so fitting.

I invited some friends and family out to Foxcroft Wine for the evening.  Full disclosure.  I will put this post in my Queen City series but this is not queen city on a budget.  This place is one of my favorite places to go for a fun treat but expect to pay at least 40$ a person.

Foxcroft Wine has two locations in Charlotte, we opted to go to the Dilworth location because it is a little bit bigger and I wanted to be able to get a table with a large party.  I am a former server so being the most considerate to wait staff is always on my mind!

You can order wine or beer by the glass or the place also doubles as a bottle shop.  You can browse their selection and bring a bottle to the table which they will open for you.  Since it was my birthday I opted to find a fun bottle of wine for me.  They also have the most amazing food selection here.  I am such a drinks and apps kind of girl that this place is perfect for me.  Amazing truffle fries, flatbreads, charcuterie plates, and sliders.  Yum!

I felt so loved this weekend.  I got the chance to pamper myself.  Do a lot of things that I have been wanting to do for a while that helped me feel rested but prepared for the week ahead.  Most of all, I got to spend some quality time [my love language yall] with some incredible people.

Foxcroft Wine Details:
Location: Two Locations in Charlotte: SouthPark and Dilworth
Budget: like I said before prepare to spend money - a bottle of wine if you don't want to pay a 15 dollar corking fee needs to be at least $30.  Food: around $10 - 15 per item.  Most are big enough to share though.
Time: It's up to you! We hung out talked, laughed, nursed bottles of wine and spent 3+ hours here.
Recommendations: My favorites are a bottle of red [any] with the three cheese flatbread [split between 2 people].  Bonus if you are feeling fancy and have more depth to your wallet; truffle fries and charcuterie board.

What is your favorite way to celebrate a birthday?

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