Monday, February 6, 2017

You Are Not the Number of Followers You Have.

Sweet friends, these words I share today were put on my heart to share with all of you in the hopes that you will read some truth and be encouraged. I am fairly new to this blogging / social media for your blog world.   Already, I have noticed a few things.

People seem to want validation through the number of followers and likes that they have. This is evident by the follow you, so you follow back, then I unfollow because I am not interested in you or your content but only the number of followers attached to my name. I too, fall victim to this.  Just the other day, I was exclaiming, with joy and excitement, the number of followers I have seemed to gain in a short amount of time.

But sisters, we are so much more than the number of followers we have.  We are so much more than being defeated because someone else has more followers or their images are always styled just so.  We have the genuine opportunity to share our lives with other women and to build an authentic community.

The ever so common quote "comparison is the thief of joy" speaks so much truth.  Yet, it's even more than that.  When we compare our blogs to hers, our instagram feeds to hers, our lives to hers, we are turning away from the plan that God has laid out for us.  God has a special and unique plan for each and everyone of us because He loves us. He wants the best for us.  Comparison has us lose sight of God's unique and beautiful plan for our own life.

He sees us and knows us so deeply and so intimately. He created us in the image and likeness of him.  So with that knowledge why are we not trusting him with His plan for our life?

This is not to say that growing your business and side hustle are not goals we should have.  By all means.  That is my goal too.  Yet, my mindset is shifted.  I want growth authentically.  I want to build relationships.  I want to share my passions and my heart.  I want to genuinely love God and what I am doing here on this blog & social media.  I want to follow people who are encouraging and share their hearts as well.  I want my feed to be filled with positivity.  Most of all I want to follow His plan for MY life.

My life is not hers and that is okay.  I can see small glimpses of Gods plan for my life when I practice gratitude. God shows himself to me when I am very intentional about being present in the moments that I get to have.

You are worth so much more.  

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