Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Riverwalk Days

This weekend the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  There was no way we could stay inside.  My Aunt was in town visiting for my birthday and we wanted to have a fun family day on a budget! WE headed down to Riverwalk.  A fun community in South Carolina, right across the border, with some awesome outdoor adventures.

Riverwalk has a greenway that follows along the Catawba River.  This is my favorite place to walk around Charlotte because of the water alone.  There is something about being by the water in the sunshine that can make any day be a good day.  Here, at riverwalk you can also utilize the Kayak launch and kayak the river.  There are also mountain bike trails that intersect with the greenway at certain points.  Whatever your outdoor adventure you choose; this is the place to explore!

My sister and I decided to walk a little faster than the rest of the fam and got in a good 5 mile walk while we chatted about life and everything in between.  We really haven't had many chances to talk like that in a few years - long distance face time and all.  Sometimes all you need is a wonderful conversation with someone you love.

After our walk, we met back up with the family at the Pump House.  A restaurant / rooftop bar right by the river.  There are also other shops and fun places I want to check out next time by the river - including a coffee shop/ wine bar! We all got a fun drink and enjoyed the view with more lovely family time and conversation.

All in all, this weekend was a good one for the soul.  Family time, sunshine, great conversation, drinks, and time spent being active outside.

Riverwalk details: 
Location: Rock Hill, South Carolina ~30 minute drive from uptown.
Budget: Free for me! [thanks Daddy] but if you purchase your own after walk drinks ~$10 a drink + depending on how many you have and if you add food as well.
Time: 3+ hours.  Really it's up to you - how far you want to walk - what shops you want to see - how long you spend at the pump house. You can even get a free book set up a hammock between some trees and read all day if thats what you wish!

How would you spend your time at Riverwalk? 

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