Friday, April 14, 2017

Lenten Reflections | Holy Week

We have now come to Holy Week in the liturgical calendar.  This week is always such a mix of emotions for me.  Today, on Good Friday, we are reminded of what the true purpose of all this lenten preparation is for.  Jesus surrendering his own life for all of ours because of us.

Before I get to that, let's back track a little bit.

We kick off Holy Week with Palm Sunday.  Amazing how in one weeks time everything changes.  Life is like that too.  How something significant can happen in a moment and suddenly last week seems so distant and foreign.  Same thing with Jesus.  He was welcomed into the city.  He rode in on a donkey while people waved palm branches at him. A true ancient Jerusalem celebrity welcome. We read the passion gospel all together at mass.  The church plays the part of the crowd yelling "crucify him" I am always so humbled by those words.  My sin put Jesus on that cross so if I was there would I be yelling crucify him with the crowds?  Always something to think about.  Just another reminder how quickly Jesus week turned.

Yesterday, was Holy Thursday.  This mass is my favorite mass out of the whole year.  We celebrate the passover meal.  The last supper with Jesus.  We are taught to wash others feet just like Jesus did for his disciples that evening.  He gives us one last reminder that our lives on earth should be in service of others therefore we are serving him.  Jesus broke bread with his followers and demonstrated what he wants us to do.  It's really the birth of the eucharist which is the gift that we have the blessing of receiving as a result of Jesus sacrifice. We then walk with Jesus to the garden of Gethsemane for a time of adoration and prayer with Jesus.  It is here that Jesus, with agony, begins his surrendering to God's will.

Today, the passion of our Lord.  Jesus is crucified. He died for our sins.  He gave up his life for mine.  The significance of that is sometimes so heavy to process.  Sometimes it's so hard to look at the cross and then look within to truly face the reality.  Today, I challenge you, to look.  Take it all in.  Don't think ahead to Easter and pretty dresses and celebrations.  Sit for a moment in the dark and reflect on what Jesus has done.

How are you spending time with the Lord this Holy Week?

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