Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beach Trip Essentials

My family is heading to the beach right after my last teacher workday at school and I could not be more excited.  I may or may not have a countdown going as well as packing list running through my brain.  I need the beach so bad right now, so I thought I would put together a little list of all the things that I am bringing!   These are items that you can all throw in a bag and use for a day trip to the beach too! I never head to the beach without a few essentials!

1. Sunscreen This stuff is a no brainer but it's important.  I can't tell you how many people my age still don't use sunscreen all the time. I use a high SPF at the beach because I basically am out in the sun roasting but want to protect myself from the harm of the sun too.

2. Beach Towel I don't know about you but I need to have a very large towel at the beach or the pool.  A good towel serves so many purposes when you are at the beach - you can lay on it but not have to be in the sand - dry off from swimming - and later in the evening when it gets chilly you can use it as a blanket!

3. Cover-Up Typically I don't want to wear full clothes over my suit but the walk from where we are staying to the beach I need something to cover me.  I love this tee because it's oversized and comfy but also cute and the saying definitely hits all the beach favorite high points!

4. Bikini A girl has got to look cute and feel cute right?!

5. Beach Tote How else are you going to get all of your fun goodies from the house / car / condo to the beach?! I always throw a little baggy in my tote to hold my phone to protect it from the sand and water too.

6. Sea Salt Spray You can't be at the beach without gorgeous beach waves right? The picture is the beach wave spray I currently have from my Tone it Up bundle - but I linked another fun option!

7. WaterBottle When you are spending all day in the sun and being active it's so important to hydrate! I typically bring a billion nalgenes but I love the fact that these options claim to keep your water cold all day long but aren't as expensive as a yeti.

8. Lip Balm Something that a lot of people don't remember but you need to protect your lips with an SPF too.  They get burnt too and when your lips are burnt it's miserable.  Let's just say my days as a life guard taught me what not to do when protecting your body from the sun and now I am so careful to not get burnt and experience that pain again!

9. Bikini And another suit because we all need options!

What can't you live without at the beach? 

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