Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Coffee Culture in CLT

Location: Pure Intentions Warehouse | N. Tryon

Y'all, did you know there is a whole really awesome coffee scene in Charlotte?  I had no idea how amazing this collective is until I was invited to an event.  This night was a latte art competition and coffee warehouse space opening.  I felt so cultured and honored to explore a new [to me] aspect of Charlotte.  These photos by no means do the event justice as I was only armed with my iphone after a yoga class.

I have an obsession with coffee.  I love writing over a cup of coffee, it truly helps my process and flow. After getting to see the talent and passion there is for coffee at Pure Intentions I am excited to truly explore charlotte's coffee scene a little more.

There is a whole group of people out there who love coffee even more than me.  They are educated about the origins and were rocking some coffee trivia at this event.  I find this whole world fascinating.  I am so grateful for just a small glimpse into learning all about the ins and outs of coffee.

I am now on the hunt for the perfect spot to blog and admire latte art in Charlotte. The atmosphere of coffee shops capture my heart. Any recommendations?

All of these photos are from Pure Intentions new warehouse, you can find this delicious coffee in various places all over Charlotte.  He also just starting canning his cold brew [pictured above], oh my goodness, once this goes on sale you have to get some. Talk about the perfect way to have a coffee on a hot day.  This will be my go to afternoon summer drink for sure! If you do try any Pure Intentions coffee let me know about it and be sure to use the hashtag #pourPure on social media!

What is your favorite thing about coffee? Besides drinking it of course!

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