Wednesday, May 17, 2017

3 Things I Want To Remember

Sometimes life gets so crazy.  That is just the norm for everyone.  The other day I was talking with my principal about the year and she took me by surprise by asking me about the highlights of my year and what I was most proud of.  I always seem to have a response about meetings and interventions and crisis response situations and how to best serve the kiddos but reflecting on accomplishments stumped me for some reason.

That got me thinking.  I am such a go go go person.  I thrive on the unpredictability of my job but also having a lot of things planned after work too.   I am always just doing then planning for the next adventure.  I am constantly trying to improve - be better, do more, have more fun events lined up.  But remembering, cherishing, and celebrating - that's not something I do often.

So today I wanted to share some bits of advice to myself and things I want to remember for myself at this moment right now.  Some things are just important.

Just start.  Whatever it is that needs to be done.  Those dreaded parent phone calls at work.  A workout you just aren't feeling like doing that day.  You are the type of person who gets s*** done and goes for it all the way.  If you start your focus and adrenaline will take over.  You can do the workout and you ALWAYS feel better and stronger after.  When you do the paperwork you end up getting inspired by a new organization system.  So just simply start - stick to it for 10 minutes and then see what happens.

Love on your people. Since you spend your days checking off items to do, sometimes you get so stuck in that list that you don't look up or intentionally connect.  Call a friend. Plan a coffee date.  Be with your people.  The To - Do list can absolutely wait.  Plus, it will always get done.

Dress your best.  You ALWAYS feel better and do better when you take the time to put on a cute outfit, your hair is done, and your make up is actually on.  When you look good you feel good and visa versa so take that time to take care of yourself and how you look every single day!

What is it that you want to remember today? 

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