Monday, May 1, 2017

Weekends are for Festivals and Charlotte Adventures

A few weekends ago the weather was the strangest in Charlotte.  On Saturday it was almost 90 and there was not a cloud in the sky.  Then Sunday came and it was rainy and cold!  The extreme shift didn't stop us from having fun adventures both days, though.

I love planning fun things to do on the weekend.  It gives me motivation and something to look forward to for a long week.  I made myself a promise that I would get out more and try new things even when I am tired from work and maybe even get a little crazy and do stuff on the weekdays.  That weekend there was so many fun events going on in Charlotte it was really hard to pick and choose what to do.

My bestie got us tickets for the Moo and Brew Fest.   This was the third annual festival but the first time we got to attend.  They had restaurants food trucks there competing for the best burger in Charlotte, samplings of local beers, and bands playing for a fun outdoor concert.  It was such a gorgeous day.   We had so much fun being out in the sun and running into friends and catching up with lots of people.  Mike and I are huge fans of any beer festival!

On Sunday, with my family, we attended a crawfish boil.  We have family friends who have been hosting this for years.  They are originally from New Orleans and fly the crawfish in fresh from Louisiana.  This is one of my favorite events all year long.  The running joke of all the family friends is that my sisters and I plan our social calendars around this event.  This was the first year I took Mike - he met all the Charlotte family friends and got to experience an authentic crawfish boil.  Such a fun time and the crawfish are so delicious.  I can't eat anything for days after because I am so full of cajun seasoning and crawfish.

This weekend was one for the books.  So many things to do, people to connect with, and fun times to be had.

What is your favorite way to celebrate the weekend?

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