Monday, June 5, 2017

Monday Motivation

Location: Marco Island, Florida

Happy Monday sweet friends,

Mondays can be hard.  You have to wake up early to head back to work after a weekend of bliss.  But you got this.  Put on your make up,  fix your hair,  pour an extra large cup of coffee, and head out to face the world.

Working isn't the terrible thing that everyone makes it out to be.  You are in a career that you love and feel fufilled in. Some days are long and hard.  You are helping people see that they matter.

Every day is a learning experience.  You will be faced with challenges and choices.  What truly defines who you are is how you respond to them.  Trust in yourself.  Life isn't about thinking what other people will think about your decisions.  It's about trusting in the Lord and fulfilling your purpose. Do what makes you happy.  Sometimes that means going out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to try new things.

Those experiences always turn out better than you expect.  Same with life.

So let's do this Monday, you got this.

What is your favorite way to start the week on a positive note?

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