Monday, June 12, 2017

Summertime Self Care

Sweet summertime is here.  Can you tell that I am excited? This summer my priority is going to be self care for sure.

This school year has been a learning experience for me for sure.  Ultimately I had a few students who monopolized my time leaving me playing catch up due to many re-adjustments in my schedule.   I had a few months where I was simply drained.  Having a routine during the school year for after work saved me.  I made taking care of myself a priority because of the nature of my job I knew I wouldn't be able to perform well if I didn't.

Now I have a whole summer ahead of me but I am still going to take into account self care.

Self care is something that fuels you; mind, body, and spirit.  What are the things that leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world? What drives your passions?

For me self care means a lot of different things.  At the most basic it means always eating healthy foods and working out because if I don't feel well then nothing else can get done.  I feel my best when I am consistent with Tone It Up.  Then there are my simple routines that I have daily, if I don't do these things I feel off.  I would consider this self care too.  Examples are my devotional and journaling with my morning coffee as well as walking my pup.

Then there are the extra self care things.  These practices don't have to be a daily routine but I know that if I take time out of my day to do them then I feel so much better, happier, and more like myself.  These self care practices for me are doing something creative like blogging, photography, or reading.  Spending time with people also makes it to my self care list.  I feel alive when I have events planned and people to see.  I also love doing little things over the summer to just relax like laying out at the pool or a DIY home spa day.  My soul is fueled by nature as well so I always try to spend as much time outside in the summer as I can.

This summer will definitely be spent doing all the self care things!

What are some of your favorite self care practices and routines for the summer?

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